Teachers are often among that group most reluctant to acknowledge the extent to which white-supremacist thinking informs every aspect of our culture including the way we learn, the content of what we learn, and the manner in which we are taught. 


—bell hooks, Teaching Community, page 25


Yet those of us from working class backgrounds cannot allow class antagonism to prevent us from gaining knowledge, degrees, and enjoying the aspects of higher education that are fulfilling. 


—bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress, page 183


If we examine critically the traditional role of the university in the pursuit of truth and the sharing of knowledge and information, it is painfully clear that biases that uphold and maintain white supremacy, imperialism, sexism, and racism have distorted education so that it is no longer about the practice of freedom. 


—bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress, page 29


Once again, we are referring to a discussion of whether or not we subvert the classroom’s politics of domination simply by using different material, or by having a different, more radical standpoint. Again and again, you and I are saying that different, more radical subject matter does not create a liberatory pedagogy, that a simple practice like including personal experience may be more constructively challenging than simply changing the curriculum. That is why there has been such critique of the place of experience—of confessional narrative—in the classroom. 


—Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks, page 148

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